In order to promote entrepreneurship and self-employment CYDA began YESummit to bring 1st generation rural and urban poor entrepreneurs in 2016. The purpose of this program is to equip the participant to learn the nuances of idea generation, business plan, help them to do market study and explore business opportunity and finally to provide counseling to link with banks and start up eco-system in the country and abroad. First they need to be nurtured and mentored so that they can make their presence in the entrepreneur eco-system and contribute to inclusive socio-economic growth. Last two summits have proven this.

During the last 3 years we have demonstrated that if adequate mentoring and guidance provided, the people from lower strata of society can become job creators. Already 150 such business are in place in Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, Kerala and many other states will follow soon.

There was an imperative need to focus on entrepreneurship development. With this purpose a special purpose foundation, YouthAid foundation is being initiated by CYDA. YouthAid foundation is to engage with young people as well as persons with new ideas and help them towards entrepreneurial growth.

YouthAid strongly believes that idea should be allowed to be blossomed, nurtured and mentored so that they stand up to wealth and job creation in society contributing to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No 8, i.e., to generate employment and economic growth and SDG No.10 to reduce inequalities by reaching to people, who are mostly outside of development initiatives.

Therefore, the goal of the foundation is to build a network of 10000 1st generation entrepreneurs by 2030 with an average investment of Rs.1,00,000 resulting with a minimum Rs 15,000 per month earning while contributing to 15,000 additional jobs.

Program Objectives

  • To orient, identify, incubate and network with 50 entrepreneurs per year per state.
  • To organize state level entrepreneurs summit of 2 days each to identify potential candidates for National Entrepreneurs Summit.
  • To bring 150 1st generation entrepreneurs every year to share their ideas and help them to find mentors and supporters.
  • To network with entrepreneurs who are part of YouthAid foundation.

Thematic Sectors

  • Agri-based & Allied business
  • Hospitality, Travel, Food and Tourism
  • Technology & Innovation
  • Social Impact Ideas
  • Micro-business ideas

Each sector we will identify 30 business ideas to be initiated in 2020. The total business ideas which will be represented in the 2020 summit will be 150.

Apart from these ideas being pitched, at least 200 others will attend (B-School students, Social Work Students, successful ventures of the last three years, mentors, sponsors).

Total participation in the final program: 500.

The Chain of Programs from Local to National Plane

  • Formation of Young Entrepreneurs Club: CYDA will promote Young Entrepreneurs Clubs at various institutes, communities and colleges to promote entrepreneurship. A separate by-law is developed to promote YES Clubs in the country.
  • Entrepreneurs' Orientation at local levels: This is a one to two hours orientation on entrepreneurship program.
  • Entrepreneurs Incubation at Town/City level: This is a 3 days camp organized to develop business ideas to business plans and counsel them to market study and business opportunity scoping to understand the business potential. The counselors will help the entrepreneur in this journey to start business.
  • Entrepreneurs State Summits: The purpose of the state summit is to bring around 50 participants who attended incubation workshop so that they are equipped to develop their ideas and become part of start-up ecosystem. They represent 6 core thematic areas which are part of YES Summit.
  • Entrepreneurs National Summit: This is also a 3 days event to connect all the entrepreneurs together and link with them mentors, experts and also explore opportunities of funding. We expect 2 members from each team participate in this event. Some of the participants are from previous year so that they are the great motivators. This program happens to be in Pune with 6 thematic areas.
  • Entrepreneurs Seed funding: YouthAid will offer a seed fund of Rs 25,000 to needy and first time entrepreneurs to initiate their ideas and explore funding from bank as well as other sources. The seed capital has to be returned within 12 months.
  • Entrepreneurs Networking: YouthAid will develop an app to connect, link and monitor the members of network to ensure adequate support and ensure progress in their endeavors.


  • Support to develop idea to business plan
  • Learning from best entrepreneurs
  • Building networks
  • Exploring funding opportunities
  • Access to Legal assistance
  • Meeting up with successful entrepreneurs
  • Mentoring from experts

Outcome for 2019-20

  • 100 YES Clubs initiative
  • 2000 persons would have attended orientation
  • 600 persons would have participated in Incubation
  • 250 presentations in State Summit
  • 150 ideas presented in National Summit
  • 300 new members joins in the Network every year




Start date



Putting website in place



Documentation, Publicity and Fund-raising

AUG 19


Idea registration start

Aug 19

NOV 19


Orientation & Incubation


NOV 19


Idea registration ends with additional fee

DEC 19



FEB 20


Post Summit Support to entrepreneurs

MAR 20

Schedule of the Summit 2020


9.00am to 10.00am

10.00am to 11am

11.00am to 01.00 pm

02.00pm to 04.00pm

4.30pm to 6pm

5th Feb



Inauguration: Minister & Business Leader Session

Launching of various start ups
Opening of Exhibitions

Open forum: Interactive session with Startup Eco-system experts

6th Feb

Thematic Conference Best Practices

Thematic Conference Best Practices

Thematic Conference Best Practices

Specialists–Technical Sessions

Specialists–Technical Sessions

Cultural Night & Special Dinner

7th Feb

Building 1

Capacity Building: 2

Panel 1 Business Entrepreneurs Panel

Short list the ideas for final presentation and



8th Feb

Final Ideas Selections

Final Ideas Selections

Concluding Session on National Youth Day

Lunch and


Pune Darshan & Farewell